"No matter how good you are or how much you’ve worked, if you allow thoughts to sabotage and betray you within key moments, you’ll always be left behind your goals."

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To avoid sabotaging your own life, you need to understand the way you are harming yourself. Meet you personal model of sabotage.
Are you ready to achieve all your goals and objectives? Find out what Performance Psychology is, and how it can help you
While generating stress, the body releases substances like adrenaline and cortisol. Learn managing whatever causes stress and take positive advantage of this powerful resource (eustress).


“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing ourselves is wisdom. To manage others is strength; to manage one self is true power. ”

- Tao Te Ching

That almost imperceptible point where you are “stuck” is what we call “personal sabotage model”. Our working formula locates this model, to make major changes in your thinking habits. Learn smart and necessary skills to get what you want, and do not let your results be outweighed by irrelevant thoughts.

Previously, it was believed that good physical condition, training, and tactics or technique, were enough for success. Different studies show that these skills, symbolize only a part of a whole pie. Yolístico knows that the best performance is achieved by working with the whole pie: all your skills at your favor.

Performance, is the way our capabilities and behavior (movements, or actions), lead us to realize our own goals. However, it is influenced by external and internal stimuli.

Sometimes it is easy to get rid of certain external stimuli. However, internal stimuli such as thoughts, emotions and skills, have been shaped by the influence of our family, friends, couples, and prior learning, which accompany us at all times and throughout life.

While performing thoughts occur, and if we don’t control them, these can hinder our behavior, and lead to mistakes, self doubt, or distort vision of our abilities. It can even become a vicious cycle of self-sabotage, wearing out the ability to make assertive decisions about our objectives. But, note that could be otherwise, transform those thoughts positively on your favor. You will see favorable results in performance, due to the power of your own mind.

Performance Psychology works with: thinking pattern, behavioral pattern, perceptions, motivations, behaviors, mental and emotional processes, without neglecting physiology, and psycho-neurology. All these, in order to contemplate your context broadly, and to develop, deepen, and balance. Learn smart skills that allow your way into your goals.

Our main interest is for YOU to regain control of all resources and powers, to become the absolute master of what we call "your personal power." Our work system is based on self-knowledge and self-confidence, in full awareness of your actions, especially through happiness and joy.

In this way, Yolístico, by working with the whole pie (all areas of impact on your performance) -and with a deeper understanding of who you are, what accounts and what you need knowledge- helps you to achieve the results you want.
Looking to improve your sports performance?
Looking to improve individual or teams’ performance at your firm or company?

Loss of attention:
I'm about to make a pass at goal. At the same moment, in my mind goes the idea that my opponent is better than me.


I break the sequence of a linear process. My focus shifted the ball (this time), and I lost control of my movement sequence, missing the pass.

I used my resources irrelevantly and failed because my mind betrayed me.

Regain control of the whole mind. Follow the linear process of movement and action without deviation.
Gain control of your mind to stop those thoughts, to stay in the right direction, and instruction.

I'm in competition, and in turn had an important, and personal event I could not attend. I feel frustrated and angry, my mind is divided into these two events: On I really am, and that, I would have liked to attend, so profit doesn’t connect with the present moment and what it demands from me.

A set of erroneous instructions triggers, aggressively and unclear, infecting the team with my stress. I cannot concentrate on the present, nor what is required of me, and I lose emotional control.


This scenario is very common: being with the body, but not the mind. Therefore, learning to stay in the present with all senses and mindfulness, allows using all our resources for the task.


Every parent wants the best for their children, yet their personal expectations can affect the relationship between parent and child. By not knowing how to deal with your emotions, you can alienate your children 's enjoyment and passion for their sport. This can overshadow his talent and even generate sports dropout.


My son/daughter loses during competition. I feel angry, thinking about all the time and money I've invested to be a champion, and get the expected results.
I long to come out to rebuke him, and unload my frustration, taking it on my child.


Upon leaving, he yelled and ridiculed in front of his teammates and some opponents.

This leads your child to lose a degree of self-confidence, by trying to meet parents’ expectations. It also shadows their focus, and keeps off positive results, not to mention the impact on their self-esteem.


We help you review your personal intentions, and to reconfigure the expectations you have set upon your child, in function of their interest and sports development. We also work on communication, because emphasizing on what’s well done, helps preventing mistakes.

What does Performance
has for your results?

Looking to improve self or team performance in sport?
Do you know the perfect correlation between
your thoughts and the results you want or need?

Think of the best athletes in the world. Behind each of its brands, there are several components: Hours of practice to perfect his technique, physical work wrought session after session, immaculately maintained power, and mental work that functions as a shield for your mind to focus only on what is essential, to when actuated.

Think of the best athletes in the world. Behind each of its brands, there are several components: Hours of practice to perfect his technique, physical work wrought session after session, immaculately maintained power, and mental work that functions as a shield for your mind to focus only on what is essential, to when actuated. His thoughts do not interfere during key moments, even under large doses of pressure and stress.

Mental work is responsible for great athletes to break records, improving their mark by a process that occurs in milliseconds, and detonates at peak moments: a shot, a move, a step, a degree, and a millisecond. Hence it is so important to train your mind and use it for your goals sake.
How we help?

You want to improve your performance? Experience the luxury of changing the way you think

To impact results from the mind is Performance Psychology. Recognize your personal model of sabotage and beat your intimate enemy. Since thoughts come into actions, building mental skills according to our goals leads to success. This is where Performance Psychology makes a big difference.
To impact results from the mind is Performance Psychology. Change your mindset and strengthen your confidence. Recognize that you are ready to get what you want most, by understanding the way you sabotage, and diminish your focus, and performance.

In any sport, there comes a time when more hours of training or preparation, will not be enough to achieve your goals. There it is where Performance Psychology makes a big difference.

We all have a personal model or pattern of sabotage, a peculiar and unconscious way of hitting the foot, or being our own enemy. Since thoughts come into actions, building mental skills according to our goals brings us closer to success.

Our working formula is based on the process of finding your model of personal sabotage to stop it. By making major changes in your thinking habits you can dominate stress and pressure to regain confidence and trust. Learn smart and necessary aptitudes to achieve your goals and dreams.


Problems or signs that your mind sabotages your results

Directors tend to face constantly, in moments of great pressure related to results and performance of the company. The importance of staying calm and under control during the days of the hearing, can develop a good backup plan.


I'm in an important meeting where the progress and results are reviewed for my business report. I feel very depressed and worn. It has been a very difficult year. I feel insecure, doubtful and fainthearted with the results delivered.


From here, I begin to see things catastrophically. I think I will not give the width, and lose everything I 've worked for: my prestige, position, and salary.
This brings me to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. I over react with my subordinates and take it out on my family.
I feel defeated even without having received the audience response.

At times like this, pressure should be handled from the thoughts, because negativity is the worst enemy. It increases stress, pressure and anxiety, becoming physiologically unhealthy because of continue hormone secretion like cortisol.Stop this mechanism by reviewing your "internal personal discourse" and gain the ability to intervene it.

Directors live a constant self- dialogued mind, which validates and analyzes their ideas and strategic plans. The healthier and less stressful is this dialogue, the more objective, realistic and proactive the decision-making will be.


I keep thinking. My mental mess keeps me from making assertive decisions, and I feel doubtful, and so worn, I lose clarity in my course, and direction ability.


When objectivity is lost, bad decisions and mistakes arise.


Too many thoughts tend to generate physical and mental exhaustion, because energy resources are used and misspend. Therefore, cognitive abilities decline due to fatigue, which causes: loss of attention, difficulty in making assertive decisions, and problem solving; objectivity decreases as well.
Good coaching is not enough; we must learn to control our thoughts.
Learn to dominate your mind, to generate intelligent and positive thoughts, which help leaving stress behind, towards our highest dreams.

What does PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY has for your results?

Looking to improve self, or organizational performance?
Meet the perfect relationship between pressure management, decision-making, and results.

A mind subject to deliver results accumulates heavy doses of stress, which increases the possibility of bad decision-making. Since an organization results are based on important decisions, to have a focused mind is more effective than any other resource key. To improve performance from the structure of thoughts is Performance Psychology.

The mind of a person subject to accountability and deliver results, accumulates enormous pressure and stress. This leads to doubts and increases the possibility of making bad decisions.

If an organization results are based on decisions made by directors and management teams, to have a focused mind is more effective than any other key resource that tell a company and would enhance existing strengths.

Therefore it is important to reevaluate the resources you invest in improvement. We invite you to use it where it is most convenient: improved performance from the mind, handling pressure and stress, and the structure of thought. You will see the results on the clarity of thoughts, actions and objective decision-making at key moments.

How we help? You want to improve your performance?

Experience the luxury of changing the way you think

On a day to day, entrepreneurs who handle big decisions will come a time that no matter their preparation, external pressures will not allow them to make assertive decisions. Performance Psychology makes important changes in your thinking habits, and fuels your confidence, and your highest capacities in order to achieve success in your goals.

To impact the results from the mind is what we call Performance Psychology. A change process focused on your mindset and thoughts. It strengthens your confidence in order to recognize that you are ready to get what you want more, by understanding how you sabotage and diminish your focus and performance.

In the daily life of any business, there comes a time when the preparation and analysis are not enough to break that barrier that allows goal achieving. This is where Performance Psychology makes a big difference.

Each of us has an individual sabotage model, a peculiar and unconscious hitting the foot, or being our own enemy. Since our thoughts become actions, leading them into intelligent and constructive ways, brings us closer to our goals.

Our working formula is based on the process of finding your personal model of sabotage, in order to stop it, and make major changes in your thinking habits. Learn to dominate stress and pressure, and regain your confidence and trust. Learn smart and necessary skills to achieve each of your goals.


The mind is a key factor in the performance process. A thought can trigger turbulence, and generate actions that are not what we are looking for. The multidisciplinary work of the Psychology of Performance, gives you the possibility to take advantage of your entire abilities. Make assertive decisions, related to your personal path of success, with full advantage of your infinite resources, this is Performance Psychology.

Yolístico is a set of fulfilled dreams. A set of people who believe in Mexico, and understand the need of work, commitment, and personal growth, in order for that change we all want to happen. It occurs in every moment we accept that; to improve, change, or achieve, happens when we drive the rudder of our lives with our own thoughts.
For us, sport is one of the greatest ways for personal and social growth. We also believe the importance in sharing learnt aptitudes for self-discovery, to learn self value, and to see a full glass. Realize that you have everything to be full, happy, and able.
We want people to know, grow, and fully enjoy their lives. To change, impacts positively in our environment. Therefore, we understand the importance of responsibility by one, commitment, consciousness, and the freedom we have when we realize the constant impact we generate in our own lives, and those of others. Yolístico is evolution of consciousness.

We are a multidisciplinary team with the ability to assess the impact areas that affect your personal performance. We have a work methodology focused on improving these areas, always aware, that only YOU can make a real change in your life, and environment. There is much to be done, but it is a personal and team work.

Tatiana Tommasi


Sport has always allowed me to overcome life difficulties with a balanced mind. The quest towards emotional stability, peace and calm, is what has guided my exploration, concerning exercise and psychology. Trying to understand myself, and therefore the human mind, is a passion that led my studies and personal experiences, in a ultimate key where all confabulates: Yolístico. Performance Psychology

Since I was 7 years old, I started practicing horsemanship. Thanks to showjumping I found an outlet to vent a difficult childhood and adolescence. Sport has been my life, so I bet 100% on this path that started from the basics: training as an aerobic instructor. This activity was a hit in Mexico City in the nineties. As much Yoga and Pilates do now, Aerobics revolutionized his time. Thus began my fascination with the human machine, which is the body.

Soon I started taking therapy. Psychology aroused such interest in me, that I became an eager student, for four years in the classic Gestalt training. In this experience, I noticed how much I used to blame others for what happened in my life. It made me grow and develop on the importance of assuming responsibility for this fact: We are owners, protagonists, and constructors of our own lives.

So I kept studying master's degrees in sports such as Pilates, Kickboxing, Spinning, and Yoga of course, which entered my life as the perfect combination to level out the amount of exercise, and intense psychological process I was going through. I formally instructed with Herta Rogg in the “Iyengar Method”, and Rosemary Atri, among many other great teachers who filled learning my way of growth.

Over the years, I opened my first specialized center in Queretaro: "Yolístico in your Center", where in addition to yoga classes, there were psychological clinics, bowls meditation, workshops and therapies, family constellations, among others. One day, magically, a horse rider appeared at the center, which specifically wanted to work stress competition. In the process, he noticed an immediate flow during competitions. His goals became more challenging as he reached them. First he classified in a Central American and Caribbean games, winning silver and bronze medal. Then he competed in World Cup France 2014, proving himself that what he proposed, he could achieve.

Yolístico in your Center began working with a larger population as the results spoke for themselves. Suddenly appeared coaching in my life. I did my master's degree in Sports Psychology, while appeared several athletes with stress problems: here, all my knowledge and experience converged and joined, making total sense. The next step was studying neuroscience, and then everything became really powerful and unstoppable.

For the mysterious horse rider and for me, this was such an incentive; we decided to partner and bring Yolístico to a higher level, relying on freedom, fullness and humans’ maximum potential, heading towards Performance Psychology. Our focus now is to improve our beautiful country Mexico and the whole world if possible, through sport, physical, mental and even spiritual health, happiness and fulfillment ... and above all, the enormous and endless capabilities we are gifted, which wait patiently to be taken at the highest level. Performance Psychology has given meaning to a lifetime of studies, decant into an integral practice, delivered to improve other people’s lives.

Tatiana Tommasi

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